International Strategy Office

Exchange Program

As one of the nation’s leading public universities, FUTA is passionate about preparing her students to become competent global citizens. To this effect, FUTA’s educational exchange programs provide opportunity for students to study at foreign universities either for a semester, a session or summer abroad. These programs offer a number of exciting opportunities to students who are interested in spending a portion of their academic career (specifically undergraduate final year or postgraduate) in their choice FUTA partnering universities and institutions around the world. To enhance efforts being made by the University to encourage internationalisation and enrich her students with international experience and exposure, FUTA currently has collaborations with a number of respected foreign universities, giving her students an access to global standard classrooms, laboratories and other quality educational facilities as well as world renowned professors.

Collaborations, Partnerships and Exchange Programs

The International Strategy Office has made critical efforts to promote the University’s internationalisation by boosting staff /students’ international experience and exposure via Faculty/Graduate and Undergraduate Exchange Programs to overseas universities. Faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students on exchange program are provided with resourceful support by the International Office throughout application processes, pre- visa/departure orientation, advice and assistance while overseas, and support on return to FUTA.

The Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, Montana Tech, Montana, USA, Professor Beverly Hartline with the FUTA Team during the Latter’s visit to FUTA to initiate a Collaboration/Exchange Program between FUTA and Montana Tech, USA.

Initiating Ties with Top-Class Brazilian Partners Institutions.

The International Strategy Office, via the linkages provided by Cantrell Company and its Brazil partner, Portal Consultoria, facilitated the University’s International Economic & Academic Development Mission to Brazil.

The International Academic and Economic Mission, which covered two of Brazil’s most economically and technologically advanced states (Santa Catarina and Paraná) had the Delegation of the University comprising the Vice Chancellor, Professor Joseph Adeola Fuwape and the Director, International Strategy Office, FUTA, Professor Thomas Ofuya embark on an academic and economic trip to Brazil from 11th – 19th March, 2019 when they visited a number of academic and industrial institutions in the South America country with a focus to preparing a terrain for the University to advance interests in international academic and economic exchange with potential top-class Brazilian partner institutions.

Cordial Reception for International Scholars

The International Office has as its main role to prepare and implement FUTA's internationalization policy in cooperation with the different local and international faculties. To this effect, the Office arranges logistics for foreign/international visiting scholars/faculties by facilitating their immigration requirements, warm reception at the airport, local transportation to FUTA, accommodation and stimulating their mobility within and outside the University.

Membership of International Associations

The International Office manages the membership of the University with International Associations such as International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) and International Association of Universities (IAU)